Our firm worked with the Hospital’s medical and facilities’ teams to design a state-of-the-art USP <797> certified hospital pharmacy, integrated with Asyent’s market-leading ROBOT Rx® and MedCarousel® drug dispensing automation equipment. We applied Lean principals to make the day-to-day operations as efficient as possible for the Pharmacy staff.  Certification was easily achieved by working with clean room rated “room within a room” construction and a complex HVAC system that included a monitorable cascade of air flows.

A major program requirement was the weight of this new equipment. In order to strengthen the concrete floor system on the 4th floor to support the new equipment, we added reinforced steel plates and beams from the 3rd floor, which required a temporary removal from service of a major mechanical and electrical room.

The Hospital is thrilled to have achieved the Lean efficiencies target for their Pharmacy. The staff is more efficient, accuracies in delivering medication have increased, and the process from order, to delivery, to the patient is more efficient.

Cost: $1,253,800 

Size: 6,180 SF

Unique: Retrofit of a new medical program into a restrictive existing space


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