Business Manager

I love working with Architects. They are wildly creative people who also excel in managing complicated projects. It’s rewarding to follow a project from conception to design and then through to construction. It’s especially rewarding to see that final project through the clients’ eyes.

Toni has more than 28 years of experience as a business manager and project planner. She has worked in a number of industries – aeronautics, architecture, software development, and construction – helping plan, coordinate, and manage projects.

Toni worked for Boeing for more than seven years, coordinating teams of engineers, analysts and programmers. During her tenure with Boeing she was the sole project planner on a software development project that was integral to the company’s efficiency and effectiveness. She also worked on a Boeing proposal for the NASA Space Station that included crafting project schedules for work to be done in space.

Toni is an integral member of the Nelson Architects team. She provides invaluable support and initiative in ensuring operations run smoothly so that the team can focus on design and project delivery. Her experience in project management is a great asset in helping the firm meet client expectations.